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Cross country report

On Friday 11th November, the New Scotland Hill Cross Country team travelled to South Hill Park to give our best shot at the Cross Country Championships.

The Girls’ B Team:

The first exciting race was the Girls’ B team. Molly ran the first leg. With a strong push, Molly came in first with a time of 4:45. Abbie, Anna, Sammy and Reece kept our strong first position. But unfortunately on our last run we dropped to third, even though Grace A gave us a fantastic finish and time.

The Boys’ B Team:

The next race was the Boys’ B team. Cameron put in a great start with a time of 4:46. Alex, Curtis, Ben and James C kept us in the great position of 5th place. Josiah finished up in 5th place as well.

Girls A Team:

The Girls’ A team started with a strong start from Elinor followed by Olivia, India, Tallulah, Eloise and Grace. We finished in 11th place.

Boys A Team:

The 4th and final race was the Boys A team. Stanley gave us an amazing start with a time of 4:23. Woody, Lennon, Kai, Christopher and Finlay K all did great runs. They finished in 12th place.


By Elinor and Molly