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Eagle House Literature Festival

Katherine Rundell visit


On Friday the 15th of September NSH Year 6 were invited to Eagle House for a Literature Festival with Katherine Rundell. She is the author of Rooftoppers, Girl Savage, Wolf Wilder and her newest book, The Explorer. First of all, Katherine told us about her trip to the Amazon Jungle. There she swam with Amazonian river dolphins and ate roasted tarantula, for inspiration for her book The Explorer. Then she read a couple of extracts from the book. Next she told us how she had been walking on the rooftops of Oxford University. Katherine said that if she didn’t find a bottle on the roof she wouldn’t have written the book Rooftoppers. It is a Blue Peter award winning book of the year in 2014. She said she went to the places that she wrote about to get inspiration for her stories. We all think that Katherine is very inspiring.

By Riley, Year 6