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Nsh vs The Pines

To start the match The Pines had kick off. We took the ball off them up to the edge of the box. Cameron took a shot that hit the post and went out for a goal kick. A few minutes later after keeping the ball in their half, we got a corner and Charlie passed it out to Freddie. He took a shot and it bounced back out to him; it hit a defender, hit Cameron’s head and went in. Goal!

Straight after that they took their kick off and Cam tapped it straight out to Charlie. He made it round 3 people and took a tremendous shot from the edge of the box. It slipped through the keeper’s legs. Charlie scored.

They took their kick off and we won it easily so we passed it around their defenders. It ended up coming to Rufus, who crossed it to Cameron, who took a shot and it bounced up off the defender. Then he jumped up and did a sideways mid-air volley like Ibrahimović and it went in.

In the next half, NSH had the kick off. Felix took the kick off and passed it to Charlie and ran down the pitch with the ball. Charlie drummed the defender and took a shot and went bottom corner.

The Pines took kick off and we got the ball easily and passed it to Jake who was playing defence, so he passed it to Frankie who crossed it in to Aidan, who took a shot that went in.

It was The Pines kick off and Felix went straight in for the tackle. He did a through ball to Charlie and went straight past the goalie and finished the shot nicely into the goal. The final score was 5-0.

PS: The defenders did the best defending ever. The defenders were Freddie, Molly, Jake and Rufus.


By Cameron, Year 6