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Football Match NSH vs Owlsmoor School

NSH v Owlsmoor

We began with a great start, with Riley running down towards the goal and taking a shot, but he unfortunately missed. They came towards the goal and unfortunately they scored, 1-0 to them at this point. We thought we had lost at half time. We got off to a great start with Riley running down the wing. He passed to Felix and he passed back to Riley, he shoots! It came off the keeper and back to his shoulder and into the goal, 1-1. They have a quick start, running to our goal. Kai snatched the ball and kicked it up to Woody, skilling up three people. Woody passed it to Curtis, and then crossed it in. Riley slipped, but luckily hit it in, 2-1. We scored another goal, making it 3-1. Riley then ran up and smashed it past the keeper, 4-1. The game ended and we went home happily.

By Finlay T, Year 6