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The season started with NSH vs Owlsmoor. We started with a lot of counter attacks; unfortunately we couldn’t find the net. In the second half, Cameron had an amazing run but he got brought down at the edge of the box. He got up and floated in a cross, luckily Frankie was there to tap it in with his shin pad. The game finished 1-0 to NSH and everyone had played their socks off. A well-deserved man of the match for Frankie.

Our second game was against St Margaret Clitherow where we played home. Our defence was solid and our midfield was powerful. It was 0-0 at half time, but in the second half with two minutes to go, they tapped it past Jake, our amazing goalkeeper. Unfortunately that led to a loss 1-0 to St Margaret Clitherow. A well-earned man of the match for Rufus.

Our third game was against Birch Hill, where in the first half Charlie hit the crossbar and Frankie hit the post, so did Cameron. As it got to the second half, Jake pulled out some amazing saves, but 1 shot sneaked in with 1 minute to go. So that meant that they won 1-0. This time Jake got man of the match for lots of amazing saves to keep us in the game.

Our fourth game was against College Town. In the first half we tried to get a goal past their goalkeeper but they got two counter attacks which buried them both in the back of the net. In the second half College Town were through but Finlay got his body in the way and got hit in the face and had to go off the pitch. College Town got another shot away and scored but after that Cameron got fouled in the box. The ref said play on, so Cameron hobbled off the pitch. The lady of the match was Molly for some solid defending.

By Cameron and Rufus, Year 6