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Netball Tournament

Netball Tournament


On Wednesday the 12th  New Scotland Hill Netball team participated in a tournament at Brakenhale School. The first match we played was against Harman’s Water and fortunately we won 7-0, all down to Stephanie’s amazing  3 goals, Jemma’s 2 goals and Immie finished it off with 2 more great  goals.

The next match we played was against Wildridings, they were quite a good team but we beat them 2-1. It was all down to Gracie and Mia’s excellent team work and shooting.

The next two matches we lost were against Warfield and Cranbourne. Pippa and Gracie did excellent defending against Warfield but it wasn’t enough as they beat us 2-0. Molly did an amazing job as centre, setting up good goals for Nishka and Gabby but unfortuantly they didn’t get it in, so we lost 3-0.

Our next match was against Sandy Lane. We won 4-0 thanks to Jemma’s brilliant goals. Our final match was against Fox Hill, fortunately we won 2-1. Unfortunately we came 3rd, and didn’t make it to the semi-finals but we still had fun.

By Molly and Pippa