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Our Day with Brian Moses

Our day with Brian Moses

On Tuesday 11th of October we travelled to Fernhill Primary School on an Able Writers Day. We got stuck in traffic for most of the morning, so when we arrived we couldn’t wait to get started. First we were introduced to our mentor for the day, famous poet, Brian Moses. He really made us use our imagination, we did some fun writing exercises and he then made us pair up with someone from another school. With them we had to write rhyming couplets of insults and shout them at each other. Then we had to do kind rhyming couplets. After that we did a Q and A with him and it was most enlightening. Then we had a quick break time.

When we got back in the hall we sat in our places and he read us some poems. He did this amazing presentation while reading a poem to the time of a bongo drum. This was to teach us how to put rhythm into our poems, so after that we made our own rhythmic poems.

Then he showed us on of his metaphorical poems and asked us to try it out. A metaphorical poem is a poem when you say something is what it isn’t.

Next we did a fun activity where we had to start sentences with ‘I don’t like to boast but’. We had to then write clauses to finish them off.

Here are some examples: I don’t like to boast but I made a dragon quit smoking, I don’t like to boast but Donald Trump made me a birthday cake.

In the afternoon, we wrote some more poems and Brian recited his newest poem The Snake Hotel and read some of his book about his life. Then we bought a book that will now be in the school library for you to read and he has signed it to the students of New Scotland Hill. Hope you like the book of poems!

By Elinor and Mia, Year 6