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Writers of the week!

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Many thanks for the generous gifts for Easter!

They were very much appreciated.

Have a fantastic holiday!




Please see below for some information about Reception:


We enjoyed the story Jack and the Beanstalk so much we continued it this week!

The Giant wrote us a letter and asked for some help... excitement has been brewing all week! The children were very good at responding to the letter with their ideas , maps and gifts!

We are hoping he writes back.   

We have talked about the way these books begin and how the end using key language, 'Once upon a time' and 'They all lived happily ever after'.  We read a few different versions


The children enjoyed hearing different versions of the same story. We also role-played parts of the story , using our best speaking voices.  Acting out a story is always a great way of allowing children to get totally immersed in the text. 



As mentioned we wrote letters to the Giant and used all our best efforts with spelling so that he would be impressed!  Purposeful , real writing has been incredible this week, the children have not stopped talking about the letter all week!


We also wrote about the picture, as part of our daily 'must do' job.  The children are enocourged to do a certain task each day as a 'must'.  The tasks are aimed to improve their independence and also instill a sense of 'focused' attitude to learning. 

I can see an improvement in their independent skills, the majority of them more willing to 'have a go'. 

Each and every child worked to the best of their ability.  When children write unfamiliar words they will hear the initial sound first, then the final sound and last of all they will hear the middle sound.  For example a word like 'swimming' may be written like this: 'swmg' this is expected at this stage of their writing journey. 


We continue to have our  'Writer of the Week'.  The children are keen to be awarded a certificate and medal. 


We are also continue to practise our pencil grip by doing 'Dough Disco'.  This is an exercise to strengthen the children's hand/finger muscles.


In phonics this week we been recapping on last weeks digraphs to ensure the children have consolidated these sounds both in reading words and being able to write words containing them.  Letter formation can be hard at this stage and the children have found writing  some letters tricky.  We have started to use whiteboards in our phonic sessions. 

Please practise writing these at home with your child. 

We are also begining to read and write words with these sounds in during our phonics session. 

We are also beginning to segment and blend words with the sounds that we have learnt so far.  Words like: sat/ pin/ man/ cat etc.  We use our 'blending arm' to help us read the words.


We also started to read 'tricky words'.  These were very well received by the children.  We talked about the fact that these words do not look like they sound and they MUST not trick us!

Words to practise at home: I / no/ go/ the/ into/to / he/ she/ me/ be/ we/ all/ they/ was



In maths we have learning about addition, we did some Easter chick adding up! The children created their own number sentences.  We talked about 'combining two groups' and used the circle model to illustrate this. 

We are also counting in steps of 2 and 10 at lining up times.


We have made Easter cards, baskets, chicks, general free craft and enjoyed taking part with everything on offer!

The children also made Easter nest cakes.



  • Water bottles are not to be put into book bags please we have a number of spillages and sadly books and school reources are getting damaged.  Just a polite reminder that bottles must only have water in them.
  • Please can you help your child recognise their own book bags, maybe one small key ring to make it more recognisbale. 
  • Bringing in a piece of fruit/ veg for snack time is allowed, however we will provide a daily snack. The children are now being asked to put these in their trays, so please refrain from sending a container that is too big! We want the children to be as independent as possible.  Many thanks. 
  • Please check that all items of clothins are clearly labelled  We seem to have many items  being misplaced and these are not always labelled.  This makes it quite a difficult task to help the children find their missing clothes!   



If you would like to donate anything to Reception we can always use cotton wool, junk modelling, newspapers, shaving foam, pasta. jelly, rice and envelopes. 


Do take a look at the photographs, it is fun to see what the children have been doing at school this week.   


Our Spring second half term topics are : Traditional Tales  


In Reception the staff are -

Mrs Dhariwal and Miss Todorov


 Mrs Hardy will teach the children until 11.30am on Tuesday mornings as she is covering my PPA time. 


P.E will usually be on , Monday and Thursday although this can sometimes change so please have your PE kit in all week.  

 Please send the children into school wearing their PE kit on Thursday am.  They will need their uniform in their PE bags ready for them to change into after the session.

Thank you for your support. 

We usually go to the library on a Wednesday, so please make sure your child has their library book in their book bag.

Important Dates


Tuesday 23rd April - Children back to school 

Thursday 25th April - PTA Meeting 7.30 pm in the staff room 

Monday 20th May - Class photos 

Thursday 23rd May - Fairy Tale picnic with Nursery ( in school) Details to follow 

Friday 24th May - Last day before half term

Monday 3rd June - Children back to school 

Friday 14th June - Summer Fair 

Monday 24th June - INSET Day

Friday 12th July - Sports Day

Monday 15th July - Reports go out 

Wednesday 17th July - Transition afternoon 

Friday 19th July - Last day of school (2.15pm finish)






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