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On Tuesday the 17th October, Year 5 and 6 went on a school trip to The River and Rowing Museum. When we arrived, Year 5 went and explored the wonderful exhibits in the museum whilst Year 6 conducted some interesting experiments. We found out that the chalk hills in Henley help to protect the town from flooding because the chalk is permeable. Next we went for a calming and interesting walk down the River Thames, seeing the features of the river. We were told about how the houses on the river were raised, to protect themselves from flooding.

After a lovely lunch in the Education Centre, we swapped our activities. Year 6 went to see the interesting and hands on exhibits. We were thrilled at the detail and care put into the Wind in the Willows display. Everyone enjoyed the Rowing Room, trying out the rowing machines and paddling in time with each other.

Everyone enjoyed their day.




By Ella, Year 6