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Tag Rugby

Match 1:

Our first match was against the Pines and we strolled onto the pitch with our heads held high. Our captain, Aidan, lost the toss but we gained confidence and got the ball back in seconds of the game starting. All of a sudden, Cameron ran down the line and tapped it down with immense power; after a few more minutes Jake scored an outstanding try and the crowd went wild! Then, within a few more minutes, Rufus ran down the line at lightning speed and once again Frankie scored a cracking try. Then milliseconds after that, the ref blow the whistle.

Match 2:

This match was against Crown Wood School. We didn’t start very well because we were losing 3 points to zero but in the last few minutes Gracie ran down the line and  touched it down astonishingly and again another three times and then Charlie and Cam scored in the last seconds.    

Match 3:

This match we were against Holly Spring. The subs were Gracie and Jake. We played well and managed to win four-one.

Match 4:

We were playing against Winkfield St Marys and we sadly lost 7 points to2. Gracie scored and so did Cameron.  They were both amazing tries.

Match 5:

This match was against St Michaels Sandhurst and we drew 3 all. Charlie, Molly and Jake all scored.

Match 6:

Our last match was against the home, Great Hollands team. It all depended on the score and we didn’t think we were going to get to the semis but we won 5-4. Gracie ran again and touched it down and scored. Cameron scored once, so did Charlie and Frankie.

Match 7:

When we found out we got in the quarter finals our heads were held high. We gained lots of points but unfortunately we lost 7 to 6. Every one enjoyed it!


By Aidan O'B and Grace, Year 6