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Tag Rugby

Year 6 Tag Rugby Tournament

Our first match was against St Michaels School (Sandhurst). We started with the ball and Felix made the pass to Finlay K, who had a brave go at a try but was tagged by an oncoming St Michael’s player. A few passes later, we were intercepted by their team and they scored. Next, after a few great passes, Finlay scored. The overall score was 4-3 to them.

After that match we played Wooden Hill, who we found a lot easier than our first match. Almost everyone in our team scored and we won 5-0! We had a short break afterwards and we were very optimistic about our next match, which was definitely a good spirit to be in, as we also won this match.

Our next two matches were against Pinewood and Crown Wood which we drew 1-1 on one, then we won the next. Finally, after what felt like hours we found out the results…..and we got through! We were against Warfield this match, which was our hardest match yet. Even though we tried our best and managed to score a try, we didn’t manage to get through to the semis. We were thoroughly disappointed but were lucky to get this far.

Well done to Abbie, Mia, Stephanie, Finlay K, Finlay T, Felix, James S, Max, Alex, Jake, Riley and James C!

By Finlay K, Abbie and Mia G, Year 6