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Tennis Competition

Bracknell Forest Singles Mini Orange Tennis Competition


On the 13th of June, 4 members from Year 6 went to Edgbarrow School for a tennis competition. The first school we played was Meadow Vale and Felix started us off with a great score of 12/7, so did Max with 11/10. The girls were up next, also giving us a great score – Mia 12/7 and Nishka 12/10.

The second lot of matches were against St Michael’s Sandhurst, which Felix got 10/6 and Max 12/8. Mia drew 9/9 and Nishka 9/5.

The third school we went against was Sandy Lane. Felix won his match with 14/4, so did Max with 12/11. For the girls, Mia won 10/8 and so did Nishka with 12/9.

The final school we played against was Wildridings. The boys tried really hard but sadly they both lost 15/6 and 18/3. The girls' final match they both won – Mia 13/8 and Nishka 12/9.

Max, Nishka and Felix were worked and played really hard – well done. The winners were the team with the most points, not the most wins. Overall we had: 13 wins, 1 draw and 2 loses. Out of our group we came 2nd and overall we came 3rd.


By Mia G and Nishka