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Wonderful 'Scientists' for our science day. Well done to everyone for all the amazing and thoughtful costumes. Fabulous research to discover key scientists who have helped to change our lives and our views on the world!


Congratulations to all of you noticed for your incredible Learning Behaviours this week. 


Maths  - During our last week of term, we shall be investigating a problem and assessing our learning to date.   


Times tables:  Congratulations to Isla, Zac, Evan, Anya, Evie C, Che. Alexa, Maya and Clara who have all moved up a level in their times tables challenge. Well done for working so hard on leaning your key facts.  

Remember multiplication is 'COMMUTATIVE'  ...the more lower level tables you learn, the less you need to know once you reach the higher levels!


English - Lovely classroom display as a result of much improved writing skills. 

We have learned more about life for Native Americans on reservations and what it would be like choosing to change your way of life and work at Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show. We talked about the skills needs for the show and the benefits. Following our discussions, we created wanted posters for new recruits to join the Buffalo Bill's tour of England.    


Spellings:  Every week we revise strategies for learning our Year 3/4 spellings and we also have to learn about other spelling rules in the Year 4 curriculum. So this week and next week our spelling rule will be suffixes 'ssion' and 'tion' for example: profession, possession, emotion and direction.   

Handwriting is improving but we continue to work hard especially with 'ascenders' -  b d f h k l t and 'descenders'  - f g j p q y    

Reading: Please remember reading books and records should be brought into school every day after daily reading at home. In order to develop fluency, expression and speed, it is important that all children continue to read aloud at home.

Reading our favourite stories to the class:

Topic  - Using our computer skills we explored the ' 3 Sisters' of Native American agriculture: squash, beans and corn. We then took our time looking through our favourite recipes before practising our instructions and handwriting skills by writing it up. 


Science - A few sunflowers are still surviving on our windowsills! These will be sent home before Easter. We worked in groups to tackle some of the challenges for our earth. We had some very thoughtful conversations and presentations on Deforestation, Carbon Emissions, Litter, Air Pollution and Landfill.

In Art and Music, we have made our own drums with Native Motifs.


 PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays but please make sure you have your PE kit in school throughout the week in case of timetable changes.   



Congratulations to Isobel and Ben who were voted to represent our class for the next term. We know you will do a great job!


Staff: Mrs Brewer and Mrs Hill

PE: Tuesdays and Thursdays - Mrs Foster

Computing: Thursday - Mrs Fenner



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