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Athletics Report

On Friday last week, Years 3 & 4  competed in an Athletics Tournament.  The first race of the day was the Girls’ Hurdles.  We had a great start from Isabel D followed by Cara, who kept our place. It was then Rae that gave us space from the other teams.  I went last and gave us a big chance. I came up to the last turn board at speed.  I went too high and landed on my ankle, so we came last.


Then it was the boys’ turn. Ben started off the race. He put loads of work in and got in 1st position.  Zac was next and put us in a good spot.  Che went to the line but had a hard time because he was against a hard runner. Evan finished in 1st place.


Next was the 4 x 2 Girls Race and they finished second. The boys did well in the 4 x 2 with 1st place.


Next were the field events.  It was time for the Boys Speed Bounce.  Matthew and Zac both got above thirty.  In the Javelin Boys’ event, Che and Evan did great.

It was Vertical Jump time for Isabel and Gia.  Isabel did amazing and got 32 cm above her height.  Gia did well and beat St Michael’s children. It was Izzy and Rae’s turn on Long Jump. Rae got 50 and Izzy got 40. Che and Rae were in the single races and they both came first in their races.


We finished 7th out of 25 schools and had a fabulous time.


By Ben, Che and Izzy, Year 4