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Hello Year 1, 

I am very excited to be teaching Year 1 for a whole morning of Computing each week, for the rest of this term!

During the morning, we will be using the iPads for our Computing lesson and also for Maths and English lessons as well.

Mrs Fenner




The topic for our Computing lessons for the rest of this term will be Coding using Scratch Jr. The Scratch Jr app is available as a free download.


The children have not used Scratch Jr before, so this lesson will be an opportunity to familiarise themselves and experiment with basic coding. Please refer to the Scratch Jr Interface Guide to find out more information.


To link with the book that the children are reading in class 'The Rainbow Fish', children will add an underwater background and several fish. Children use the coding blocks to make the fish swim across the screen.


Only use the Yellow (Triggering) blocks, the Blue (Motion) blocks and the Red (End) blocks. Do not use the other colour blocks - we will be using those in the next few weeks!


We will be continuing with the theme of 'The Rainbow Fish'.


On the iPads, we will be using the Pages app (children will be given a page with an image of the Rainbow Fish on). Children change the font style and font size, then write several sentences about The Rainbow Fish, ensuring they are using a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence and a full stop at the end. 


At school, we will be carrying out this activity using the Pages app, since we will be using the iPads in class. Under normal circumstances, children would be using Microsoft Word on the computers in the computer suite, so if you have a computer available at home, this would be a better alternative. All of the children know how to change the font colour, font style, font size and make text bold and underlined using Word - this is something they learnt last term. They have not used capital letters yet, so this will be a new skill to learn!



The topic in Maths will be revision of place value.

Watch the introductory clip on the BBC website, then try the questions and quiz underneath.

Then play the place value games on the other websites.