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Week commencing 29th June 2020


Lockdown Art

There has been some wonderful lockdown art on the Internet since we left school. Take a look at these ideas and take some inspiration to make your own lockdown art. Remember to e-mail it or tweet us @newscothill



Week Commencing 22nd June 2020


Balloon Bowls


Look at these different bowls made with balloons and various materials.  Have a go making one of these or try making a bowl using a different material.  Make sure you send us in the photographs of your finished bowls.  We can wait to see what you use to make yours!


Week commencing 15th June 2020


Visit British Museum


Look at different artefacts from all over the world that span over thousands of years.


I liked 2 items.  The first were a pair of ear rings from the 10th Century.  They came from Bulgaria thought to have belonged to the Byzantine Empire.  When I looked closely at them I could see that they had small birds enamelled on them holding twigs.  What I thought was most interesting was that they looked like something someone might wear today.


Perhaps you could design a piece of jewellery based on these or another piece in the museum.


I also liked a sculpture called the Tree of Life.  This was from Mozambique and was made using weapons that were handed over to their government after a civil war in their country.  I liked the fact that something bad had been made into a beautiful piece of art.  

What is bad in our world that could be made into a piece of art?  Maybe all the plastic in our oceans? 


Could you make a tree of life sculpture out of plastics?  Have a look in your recycling and see what you could use.



Week Commencing 8th June


Draw with an illustrator

Watch this tutorial with illustrator Grace Ling and see if you can draw a dragon just like her.