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End of Term Activities



Last Week of Term 

We only have 3 days of the school year left so I have given you a couple of end of year tasks and a few outdoor activities to finish the year off.


Activity 1 

For my New Teacher

Fill in the booklet below for Mrs Robinson and Mrs McCormick.  Let them know what makes you, you!


Activity 2 

Mystery of the Missing Sack

I know how much you enjoy solving these maths puzzles!  Can you solve this one?


Activity 3

Story or Journey Stick 


- stick
- String or masking tape
- Scissors
- Availability of small loose parts in the environment
The Story Stick
1. Find a stick no longer than the length of your forearm.
2. Consider the type of story you want to tell. This may inform the props you select. Alternatively see what you find and be inspired.
3. Hunt for five props to build your story. The props can be used literally or symbolically.
4. Attach the props to the stick using string or masking tape.
5. Finalise your story in your head. Try and include nouns, verbs, adjectives and at least two WOW words.
6. Share your story stick with your family.

The Journey Stick
1. Use the stick to represent a journey.
2. Add things to your stick that you find along the way such as leaves and petals.
3. On arrival, see if you can recall the features of the journey


Activity 4 

What Knot?

See sheet below and have a go at tying lots of different knots.  What can you make using your knots and some sticks?



Activity 5

Loose Parts Challenge


There are some incredible landmarks across the UK, from Big Ben to Edinburgh Castle. Recreate some of your favourite famous landmarks to save you having to go and visit them all!
• Your landmark could be a manmade building or structure, or a natural feature.
• Think carefully about what size it should be – should it include certain shapes?
• What specific features does your landmark need to have?
• You could use natural materials that you can find outside or manmade materials.
• Look at a photo of the landmark to try to add more attention to detail.


You could also

  • Add some tourists who are enjoying their visit to the landmark.
  •  Make facilities such as a car park etc.
  •  Create the landmark from different perspectives e.g. birds eye view etc.
  • Write an advert or make a poster to encourage people to visit your site.