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Creating a picture in your mind's eye


Writing is all about communicating to others. You may be able to picture a place in your mind's eye, but can you describe it so that others see the same picture? The sentence 'A man got out of the car' begins to tell a story, but adding adjectives and specific nouns can change the image considerably.


e.g. The athletic Lionel Messi sauntered out of his gleaming, aubergine Lambourghini

or    The elderly, crooked gentleman slowly lifted himself out of his rusted, ancient Morris Minor.


This BBC Bitesize lesson will allow you to think about using adjectives when describing the picture in your mind's eye of a new land from Enid Blyton's 'The Magic Faraway Tree'.

Reading and using evidence


This BBC Bitesize lesson gives children an opportunity to think about a section of text and how to collect evidence from it to answer questions. Wherever possible, children should use the word 'because to explain their answers.

Teach the Teacher!


I have my own YouTube channel where I read books to you. If you haven't seen it yet, you can access it here


However, I need some new books to read! Can you write me a book review of a book you think would be interesting for others to hear and e-mail it to me? This web page tells you what you need to include in your book review



Calligraphy is a fantastic way for children to concentrate on cursive writing (joining their letters). There are lots of different fonts that can be learned and a range of pens you can use.


For this task, children are going to create their own font. Start by watching this YouTube video


The task is to create a new font but must include both capital and lower case letters.


When they have created their new font, can they use it to create a motivational quote that I can display on our class page to make others smile? You could put it in your front window for passerbys to see too!

Feeling tense?


I hope not! This final activity gets children to think about the verbs (doing words) that we use and how they change depending on whether an activity has happen in the past or is happening now.


Complete the sheet below using the correct tense of the verb.