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Read or listen to chapter 2 of The Firework Maker’s Daughter:


1: Page Turners:

Goodness me! I don’t want to stop listening. Poor Lila has been confronted by fearsome pirates while crossing the river!

This is called a page turner. It means that we don’t want to put it down and we want to continue reading to find out what will happen next.  Phillip Pullman, the author of The Firework Maker’s Daughter, is very good at writing page turners.


Do you know any other books by Phillip Pullman? Can you list them?


I wonder what made Phillip Pullman such a good writer?  Do you think you can find out?


Research Phillip Pullman facts – you could use the Internet, or sometimes they have a mini biography in an author’s books.  Write your facts down in your books.


2: Role On The Wall and Persuasion: 

Task 1: So Lila has set off on an adventure to Mount Merapi. What kind of character do you think Lila must be? Is she shy? rude? a bookworm?


Use the Role On The Wall sheet to draw a picture of Lila and write adjectives and adverbs that describe her personality around it. For instance you might argue that she is incredibly (adverb) strong-willed (adjective).


Task 2: Now, can you use the persuasion sheet to persuade me why Lila has to go on the journey to Mount Merapi and why she should stay at home? What are the reasons for both? At the end you need to make up your mind as to whether she should have stayed at home or she should have gone on the adventure.


3. Map planning

It sounds as though Lila has a long journey ahead of her. Using the information we have from the past two chapters, can you draw a map of Lila’s adventure? It would help her a lot if she had it for her journey. Use your imagination to decide what she is going to encounter on the way – she has only just set off and come across pirates at the river!


4. Rambashi’s Taxi Service

Task 1: There are some very tricky words in this chapter. Using a dictionary, can you work out what these words mean?








Task 2: Rambashi was very persuasive at getting Lila into his ‘taxi’ wasn’t he?  Imagine you are the pirate and you want to persuade others in the local village to come aboard your taxi so that you can rob them. Can you make a poster for your taxi service? Remember to use alliteration, adjectives and persuasive language.


5. Cliffhanger

Phillip Pullman has left us at a bit of a cliffhanger.  This is when a character is left in a difficult situation. Lila has been confronted by the pirates and asked for all of her money!


What do you think will happen next? Write the next part of the story, based on what you know so far. We already decided what kind of character Lila was at the beginning of the week. If you decided that she is cowardly, how would she react to the pirates? If you noticed that she is fearless, what do you think she might do now?


You may want to plan the next part of the story first, using a story map (like we do in class).