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The idea for this home learning came from Emilia, who requested that I make a video about what I have been doing at home since the lockdown started. Creating videos is a great way for children to develop their speaking skills. Your mission is to create a video between 1 and 2 minutes long. It can be about your child's hobbies, interests, typical day or something similar. When you have completed your video, please e-mail it to me and I can share it on the class web page as a way for the whole class to see what their classmates have been up to. 



Alliteration is a tool used by authors, poets and advertising companies! It helps to make writing flow and can sound very impressive when heard out loud. An alliteration is when the same sound is repeated at the start of 2 or more words. For example: The fearful fish fled from the ferocious ferret. (I may have gone slightly over the top with this sentence!)


The sound doesn't have to use the same letter - so you could have a 'fabulous phone'


Access this BBC Bitesize lesson to practise this writing tool here



The children are taught a range of technical terms for grammar as part of the curriculum.


  • Noun - the name of a person, place or thing (chair, dog, England, Margaret)
  • Adjective - a describing word (fluffy, moody, enormous, green)
  • Verb - a doing word (swimming, swam, jumping, jumped, running, ran)


Adverbs are a love mix of adjectives and verbs - they describe how something is done - and they often end in the -ly suffix. They add extra detail to our writing.


The fluffy cat jumped unexpectedly from the shed roof.

Mum angrily told me to stop annoying my brother.

I thought carefully about how the stars were made.


This BBC Bitesize lesson will give you more practise on this tool.

Spelling practice!


Take a look at the Year 1 and 2 spelling words below.


Test your child on a selection of the words (about 10 - 20 of them). If there are any that they do not know how to spell correctly yet, can you create a poster to remember the spelling?


For example;