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English Week 3 Summer Term


Read or listen to Chapter 3 ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman


Comprehension Questions

After reading or listening to chapter 3, try to answer the following questions about the text.


1. Was Lila frightened of the pirates?

2. How does she feel when she sees Mount Merapi again?

3. Do you think the pirates would really hurt Lila?

4. How can we tell they are not as brave as they say they are?

5. Why do you think Lalchand lets Chulak search for Lila without him?

6. What do you think will happen to Lalchand next?

7. Does Chulak think Rambashi is a good business man?

8. Why won’t the High Priest let Chulak speak to the Goddess?

9. What word describes the interest and excitement caused by Hamlet?

10. Why does Hamlet get angry when the High Priest stops Chulak?

(I will upload the answers as a separate document)


Sentence Starters

Look at the different ways of beginning a sentence below. Pick your favourite sentence starter from this list and use it to write a sentence of your own.

Meanwhile, Chulak was getting ready to smuggle Hamlet out of his new home.

Just before the sun set, Chulak and Hamlet saw a young man busily pinning up notices.

Helping the White Elephant to escape was a terrible crime.

Naturally, a white elephant with an advertisement written on him caused a sensation.

Can you find anymore sentences that start in an interesting way?  Write them into your book. 

Tricky Words

Here are some tricky words from Chapter Three. Look them up in a dictionary and find out what they mean.

Then explain what they mean in the story using your own words. Use the clarifying meaning sheet.








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