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Pandora's Box


This myth is taken from Ancient Greece and is often referred to in modern culture. Read through the story and draw your ideas and pictures when prompted to. You don't have to print the document out - you can draw/write your ideas and pictures in your home learning exercise book.

Reading Comprehension


There is a short starter activity for the children to draw a picture of the god Zeus from the description (remember that the picture must match the written description!)


Then re-read the story of Pandora's box from yesterday and answer the questions (using full sentences and remember your capital letters and full stops!)

Word Play


Expanding children's vocabulary is essential to developing their writing skills. Today's lesson focuses on the following skills;


  • Putting words into alphabetical order (to prepare them for using a dictionary in Year 3 - a national curriculum target).
  • Understanding the meaning of new words that they encounter
  • Putting new vocabulary into sentences of their own so that children understand how to use them in their own work.

Magic Box Poem


Today, we are going to think about poetry and what a magic box might look like.

Start by reading The Magic Box by Kit Wright - you can also listen to Kit reading it at


Then think about the poem and how it made you feel - can you answer the questions about it?


Finally, you are going to get creative and make your own magic box. What will it look like? How will you make it look magical? Send me some photos of your handiwork!

Write your own poem


Using Kit Wright's poem as a guide for your own, can you create your own poem about a magic box?


Think about the box you created yesterday - what did you make it from? Why did you decorate it the way you did?


Use the planning structure in the document below to help you structure your ideas before you begin writing.


Send your Magic Box poems to me at


Finally, you can read the full myth of Pandora's Box with a grown up at home.