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English Week 7 18.5.2020

Chapter 5


Day 1

Fantastic Phrases

Find 10 fantastic phrases that help paint a picture of the setting in this chapter.

For example,

‘Deeper than moonlight’

‘A wide carpet of boiling lava’


Using some of these ideas, and altering them for your own setting, can you describe an area of your house? For instance, you could choose the garden or your bedroom.


For instance, here is mine about my garden using the ideas above.


A wide carpet of untamed grass stretched out from the house. Deeper than the darkest of forests, it needed a good cut.


Day 2


The Three Gifts

What do you think the three gifts could be?

Draw and describe each one giving a reason for choosing that gift.


Day 3


Tricky words

There are some tricky words in this chapter use a dictionary to find out what they mean.

Illusion, barren, dwindled, darting, arrogant and submit.



Answer the following questions about chapter 5 in full sentences.


1. Why were Lila’s arms shaking?

2. Why do you think the air was hardly breathable?

3. Do you think the floor would be hotter inside the cavern than outside?  What makes you think that?

4. How far did Lila walk into the mountain?

5. How were the walls described? Why do you think the author has used these words?

6.  What is a cavern?

7. Why did Lil’s heart sink?

8. What created light within the cavern?

9. Why does the author describe the lava as a wide carpet?

10. What did she see in the cavern?


Day 4:


Write a poem or description about a volcano

Watch the following videos on an erupting volcano.


How would you describe the lava?  Think about how it moves, its colour, what would it smell like, and what does it remind you of?  What is happening to the volcano, why do you think it is happening?

Have a go at either writing a description of the volcano erupting or a poem about it. 

Here are some examples of different styles of poems to help you with ideas, illustrate your piece of work with pictures or a border.


Day 5:

Michael Rosen is a fantastic poet and all-round wordsmith. Can you listen to some of his wonderful Youtube videos


Choose your favourite poem, or section of story, and learn it off by heart. Then, you need to practise and practise until you are ready to recite it to your family. Perhaps you could have a special ‘performance’ time (when everyone is free) and they can sit and watch you perform. You could even make a poster to tell them when and where the performance is happening.

If you are able to, record your performance and send it to us at – we would love to see it!