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Read or listen to chapter 6 of The Firework Maker’s Daughter.


Activity 1: Comprehension:

1.Who is sent to escort Hamlet home?


2.When did Lila last eat anything?


3.Can you find a quote to describe Lila and Lachland’s reunion?


4.What does Lachland think is impossible?


5.Why does Chulak start to tell a lie to the King?


6. What happens to change the King’s mind?


7.What do you think Lila is planning at the end of the chapter?


8. Lila and Lachland eat ‘absent-mindedly’, what does this mean?


9. What authoritative language does the King use?


10. Can you think of a situation in another book where a character has taken on a difficult challenge?


Activity 2:  Poor Lila has got a lot of work to do in order to save her father’s life. Can you imagine what she would write in her diary the night the Emperor gives her the order to win the firework competition? She would explain what has happened, but diaries are also a place where you write your innermost thoughts and feelings. She might write about her emotions, how she feels about the upcoming competition and what she has planned.

Write a diary entry for Lila, from the night she found out that she would be designing a firework display that could save her father’s life.

You can remind yourself of the features of a diary entry in the attached documents.


Activity 3: We are nearing the end of the book and we wonder how Phillip Pullman plans to end the story? Can you use your imagination to write the end of the story yourself? Perhaps from the night of the firework competition?

You’ll need to use the wonderful firework descriptions you wrote earlier in the term to help you decide how to describe all the imaginative and exuberant firework displays of the other competitors.

You will also need to think about all of the things that need to be resolved (that means that a solution has been found) for the end of the story. What problems has Lila faced along the way? Have they been solved yet? Will she become a firework maker once she wins the competition? Will she win the competition? What will happen to her if she does not?


Activity 4:

A blurb never gives away the ending of a book, but instead entices the audience to read it. Having read as far as we have, and without knowing what is about to happen, can you design a front cover for the book and write a blurb that would persuade others to read the book if they picked it up? We’ve attached a range of blurbs for you to take a look at to get an idea of the kind of persuasion they used.



Activity 5:  The 5th of June is World Environment Day and this year’s theme is biodiversity and time #fornature.

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t realise (until I spoke with my Mum the other day) that Red Kites were actually near extinct when I was a child and were ‘reintroduced’ into the wild. Nowadays, I often see them flying high about the school grounds, or our house, and they are magnificent to watch. This made me wonder, what other animals in our local area have come, or are close, to extinction? Can you choose one from the list, research it and make a fact file about your chosen animal? The best way we can help local wildlife thrive, is to understand it better.

You could choose:

Red Kites

Beavers (extinct in England)

Eurasian Lynx (extinct in England)

Wolves (Extinct in England)

Wildcat (Extinct in England)

Wild boar (Extinct in England)

Eagle owl


Great bustard

Night heron

Dalmatian pelican

White-tailed eagle

White stork