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Week Commencing 29/06/20


Clark The Shark

Listen to Chris Pine reading Clark The Shark.

What a wonderful story. It is great that Clark realises the error of his ways and finds a way to turn his behaviour around.

Your task is to create your own animal character and write them a story about finding a way to overcome a problem. If there are rhymes included, even better!

If you are stuck for ideas, here are some names we came up with:

Dale The Whale

Sid The Squid (OK, we ‘magpied’ this one from the story!)

Claire The Bear

Ryan The Lion

We’d love to read your stories once you have written them so please send them over to



Week Commencing 22/06/20


Listen to this great radio programme with Phillip Reeve and Pie Corbett all about Goblins!  


As you listen  there are activities to join in with. .


Attached are the notes that go along with the programme with extra activities to do.  Have fun!


If you enjoy this check out their other programmes.  There are programmes on everyday.

Week commencing 15/06/20


I Wonder



Here's an easy way to construct a poem that will also help you remember, when you look back in it later, what you were curious about this summer, when you were at this age, this time, this place.


Start each sentence with the words, "I wonder..."

Then, write down all the things that you wonder about at this moment in time. 


Then you can hide it somewhere to look back on when you are older.


Here is my I Wonder poem:


I wonder why the sky is blue.

I wonder how it feels to go into space.

I wonder what a baby's babbles mean.

I wonder why flowers make me sneeze.

Week Commencing 8th June 2020


The Book of Hopes


Look at this lovely online book and share the story 'A Way to the Stars' on pg 22

Once you have shared the story with an adult or read it yourself try making some pictures to go with the story.

Can you add the sentences to go with each picture and turn it into a book for a young child?

Try writing your own version of how you would get to the stars.