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Week 9 -15/06/2020


Task 1: We hope you have all had a good first week back at school. We are missing you a lot and wondering what you have all been doing in your time off. Your task for today is to write us an e-mail and send it to


You could write about:

What you have been doing in your spare time

Which part of the home learning you have most enjoyed

Which part of the home learning you have least enjoyed

What you are most missing about being in school

What you are most looking forward to about coming back to school

Your favourite memory from being in Year 4

A highlight from your time at home

You could include a photograph or video of what you have been doing


For instance, this is what I would write to you, following the guidance above:


Dear Year 4,

In my spare time at home, I have taken to doing lots of gardening. I have planted some tomato plants, but I am just waiting for them to produce some fruit. I found a lovely flower called Dianthus Flutterby – isn’t that a pretty name?


The part of home learning I most enjoyed was setting you all the task of building a bee house and writing instructions for making one. I really liked receiving the pictures of all of the different ways you had taken on the challenge.

If I am honest, I probably enjoyed The Firework Maker’s Daughter the least as it was difficult to replicate the learning we might do in class at home with you and some of the ideas we had just wouldn’t have worked.


The thing I most miss about being in school is seeing all of your smiling faces. I miss you all coming in in the morning and showing me what you have been doing at home or telling me some exciting news about what has been happening in your lives.

I am most looking forward to being able to see you face to face and help you with your understanding of more complex ideas and processes. I am excited to see how much you have grown since the end of March, as you will very nearly be in Year 5 before I see you, I think.


My favourite memory of Year 4 is probably when we made the light mazes around the classroom for our science topic on light. We had the Wellington College students in helping us that day and I think they had no idea what they were letting themselves in for. You were all so determined to get your light to travel the furthest and bend around some pretty sharp corners!


I have been using every opportunity to find some positives in this strange situation and one of my highlights from home is that I have been able to witness Nathaniel learning to speak a lot more than he did before. He can now say, ‘shoes’, ‘door’, ‘there’, and even count ‘1,2,3…’ to name but-a-few words. The clearest word he can say, though, is ‘chocolate’! I’m very aware that I wouldn’t have had this time with him if I had been in school and so he has been having a lot of extra hugs. He started back at nursery a few weeks ago, so that I can go into school to do some work, and his key workers (the adults that look after him) commented on how much he has changed in such a short amount of time.



Mrs Robinson


You can see what the Dianthus Flutterby looks like here:


We will use some of your e-mail as a comment for your report, which we are currently finishing off and aim to send out at the end of term.


Task 2: Your other tasks this week involve work around The Stone Trolls.

Read the attached introduction and story and then choose activities from the pack to complete.