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This week, we are going to be using the theme of superheroes to complete our English lessons!


How many superheroes can you name? (My favourite is Captain Marvel!)


I want to introduce you to three new superheroes:




Lesson 1


Start off by reading the superhero story (Playground Rescue) that I have uploaded below. You can listen to the story here


Read each sentence below and talk about what the words in bold might mean.


1. It was an ordinary day.

2. Jo was on her own in the backyard, kicking a football into the makeshift goal.

3. She’d been occupying her brothers and sisters.

4. Sammy, in the meantime, slept soundly in his basket.

5. His droopy eyelids flickered.

6. Groups of teenagers were gathering.

7. Joggers sprinted along the paths.

8. She dashed towards the park, activating her super-booster.

9. A small, sniveling child was dangling from the top of the climbing frame.


Now, download the 'Match the Word' sheet below and match the words to the definition (meaning).


Finally, in your home learning book, write your answers to these questions (use full sentences!).


  • What did you like about the story?
  • What didn't you like about the story?
  • What questions do you have about the story?


Lesson 2


Start today's lesson by reading 'Playground Rescue' again.


Now answer the following questions in your home learning book. Write your answers as full sentences and include words and phrases from the story to support your answers.


1. What is special about Jo, Raja and Sammy?


2. The story talks about Raja’s family. Who is in her family?


3. Describe what you think Jo’s house is like.


4. A park is the setting for the story. Can you describe this setting?


5. How do you think the crowd at the bottom of the climbing frame felt when the child had been rescued?


6. Would you like to be a superhero? Why?



Finally, we are going to get creative! Let's create a superhero name for ourselves! My ideas are in red under each step.


1. Write your first superhero name in your home learning book (you could shorten your own name or make up a new superhero name): Jessica


2. Choose an adjective to complete your name. You can choose one from the list below, or you can think of your own! Write it in your home learning book.


Jessica Brilliant


3. Finally, what is your superpower going to be? Here are some ideas for you, but you might have your own. Write your super power in your home learning book.



Running for a long amount of time.


Lesson 3


Let's get arty!


We need to think about designing our superhero outfit.


Do you recognise any of these superhero symbols? Which superheroes do they represent?



In your home learning book, can you design your own superhero symbol? You might want to use something that represents your superpower that you chose yesterday.


When you have finished drawing your symbol and colouring it in, write 2-3 sentences explaining what your image represents. 

Lesson 4


Let's get crafty! We need to think about our superhero costume and you'll be making your own superhero cuffs today.

You will need:


  • a loo roll
  • pens, paint or something to decorate it
  • a pair of scissors
  • wool or thick thread


What you do (ask an adult to help you):


Don't forget to send me a picture of you wearing your cuffs!

Lesson 5


Yes! We are going to write some poetry today - my favourite kind of writing. laugh


I've written the first 2 verses for you:


With my special ears,

I heard a giant whispering

in his castle in the sky.


With my special ears,

I heard the oak trees talking

in a faraway forest.


You're going to have a go at writing the next four verses. I have given you some starting points below to help you structure your verses. Write them out in your home learning book and send the photos of your work to me!



You can decorate around your verses with pictures that match what you have written.