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Superheroes! Part 2



Lesson 1


Your challenge is to do 20 minutes of moving your body or sport. Here are some ideas of what you could do:


✓ Keepy-uppies with a football

✓ Dance to some music

✓ Sit on a chair and move your feet, then your legs, then your arms and then your hands

✓ Go outside for a fast walk

✓ Hit a ball against a wall

✓ Play bat and ball with someone

✓ Hula hooping – how many can you do in one go?


Now, in your home learning book, draw a picture of what you did and then describe it in words (2-4 sentences please). Remember to include how you felt at different points.


Underneath your description, write whether you like exercise, remembering to include 'because, in your answers (2-4 sentences). 

Lesson 2


Today's challenge is to invent your own superpet!


These are the things you will need to include in your home learning book:


  • Draw and label your superpet - including any gadgets or clothing they might have.
  • Come up with a superhero name for your pet.
  • Complete a fact file, like the one below, for your pet.


Talk with an adult about a possible adventure your super pet could go on. Remember that they will need to encounter a problem and then be able to solve it. 

Lesson 3


Yesterday, you invented an adventure story for your superpet and talked to an adult about it. Today, you will be recording this adventure. How you do this, is up to you! You could:


  • Write it down.
  • Record your self saying the story.
  • Create a stop motion animation (Lego is great for this!).
  • Create a story board or comic.


But you might be able to think of a different way to retell your story. The sky's the limit!

Lesson 4


You all know how much I love maths! Well, I also love poetry laugh. So I have decided to set you a lesson from BBC Bitesize so you can create your own counting poem. Please remember to send them to me to read!


When you have finished writing them, you could decorate around your poem with pictures.

Lesson 5


Today we are going to be looking at finding information in a text. This is one of the skills we practise when we are reading.


Click on the lesson, here