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Thesaurus work


Next year, you will be learning how to use a thesaurus (no, it's not a type of dinosaur!). 


A thesaurus gives you better words to use in your writing.


If you don't have a paper version of a thesaurus at home, you can use to type in a word and find better alternatives.


Can you use a thesaurus to find something more spectacular for these common words?













Proof reading


As you become more independent in your work, you will need to be able to check your writing for any errors and correct them yourselves.


Have a look at the passage of text below. Can you spot the mistakes and correct them?


Walking through the forrest, near her home in windsor, jade could smell all the wonders of spring in the air with wild flowers blouming and pine needles hevy with rain.  it was a fresh morning, with dew on the grassie patches and there was a chill in the air.


All the animals were up and about singing their melodys and making the early morning sounds.  in the leaves small rodents rustled thru the bushes while squirrles cracked nuts and scrambled up tree trunks.  there were also thousands of insects that buzzed around, it was beatiful.  She eventually got to the river thames where she saw a boat called lucky lady sailing along the pieceful water.  Jade lay down and streched out on a warm patch of grass while the river krept by

Write a film review


Before you can do this activity, you will need to complete the 'Other Subjects' lesson on films.


Once you have watched your film, you will need to write a paragraph or two about your film. You should include;


  • What the film is called, who the main actors are and who the director is.
  • A basic outline of what the film is about (but don't give away the ending!)
  • What you enjoyed about the film.
  • What questions you have about the film.
  • How the film could be improved for audiences.
  • Who would you recommend the film to (What age of child, adults, people with certain interests)
  • Your rating out of 10.