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Football NSH vs Jennett's Park



The match started with high heads and confidence to win. We got off to a good start with some amazing saves and some outstanding attempts on goal. The first attempt on goal was wide from Sam and went straight to goal kick. Aaron played it to Chris M who passed it to Curtis, who cut in and hit it in the back off the net of Jennett’s Park. 1-0. Then an attempt from Jennets Park which Aaron forced it away. In a few moments later we were on the counter attack, with Woody on the brake driving forward into the box and then played it into Sam for a goal scoring opportunity, but sadly Sam got intercepted by the defence of Jennets Park. Luckily the ball drifted over to Lennon and he took a shot and hit the defence and went in the back of the goal (2-0). Anna passed it to Bailey, played it into Woody, who passed it to Sam. He made a good set up for Lennon and with a beautiful strike the ball flew in top corner of the goal and it was half time. 3-0.

The second half started with Curtis and Woody on the bench. It was a quiet half until Jennett’s Park struck a goal which just was a rebound of Aaron’s brilliant save. 3-1. Curtis and Woody went on for Sam and Bailey. Jennets Park got another counter and made the most of it and smashed into the back of the net to make it 3-2. The whistle blew and that was the end of the match.


New Scotland Hill 3 – Jennett’s Park 2


By Curtis, Year 6