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Football NSH vs Warfield

Warfield vs New Scotland Hill

We started off strong with a few early tackles and attempts on goal. Warfield came back with a counter attack but Aaron made a great save to still make it 0-0. Aaron rolled it out to Chris M and passed it down the line to Lennon. He passed it to Sam, who passed it to Woody. Woody had an attempt on goal but unfortunately it just went wide. Warfield’s goalkeeper rolled it out to one of their players and Curtis intercepted it and scored a goal to make it 1-0 to New Scotland Hill. The other team kicked off and Chris M tackled the player and he played it down the wing to Curtis. He cut inside and passed it to Freddie, who played it off to Curtis and he hit it top right. Half time 2-0 to New Scotland Hill.

It was Warfield’s kick off and the people on the bench were Lennon, Chris M and Curtis. They kicked off and Christopher W went in for a tackle and stole the ball off one of their players and passed it down the line to Sam and the ball was out of play. There was a substitution and Lennon came on for Anna, Curtis for Bailey and Chis M for Freddie. It was a throw in and Lennon tackled the player and passed it to Woody and he smashed it in the goal to make it 3-0 for New Scotland Hill. The other team kicked off and straight away they got on the attack and Aaron made a phenomenal save but on the rebound they scored to make it 3-1 full time.


By Sam, Year 6