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Football NSH vs Winkfield St Mary's

New Scotland Hill vs Winkfield St Mary's

New Scotland Hill started off with kick off. Starting subs were Lennon, Bailey and Woody. After five minutes into the game Lennon, Woody and Bailey got swapped in for Anna, Freddie and Sam. Winkfield had a throw in and Bailey had intercepted it and passed down the pitch to Lennon. Lennon kicked a through ball to Curtis, who put into the back of the net 1-0. Winkfield took it back to the middle. They kicked off and ran straight down the line and crossed and it had deflected off his shin 1-1. New Scotland Hill took the starting kick. Winkfield intercepted it and an unlucky deflection from Lennon put it under the hands of Aaron in the goal. 2-1 Winkfield. Half time it was a steady game and then at the last 10 seconds, Christopher, with an amazing strike made it 2-2.

Final score=2-2

By Anna, Year 6