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Welcome to

The Foundation Stage

( Nursery and Reception) 

We love to learn by playing and exploring. 

We enjoy learning about lots of different topics.  Watch this space for pictures and information about all our adventures.


Foundation Stage have shared 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear' this week.  The children were very keen to talk about their ideas on how they like to fall asleep and how they too can sometimes be sacred of the dark.

We talked about the pictures and how they tell a story themselves, and how words are not always needed to understand what is happening.  


Christmas has also arrived in Early Years! We have such a great collection of books we would like to share with the children it is going to be a real task finding the time between walks, rehearsals and performances next week!


We are following the Letters and Sounds phonics programme and have covered all our single letter sounds. We are beginning to segment and blend the sounds to start our exciting reading journey!  This is a super moment for any teacher.  Please encourage your child to talk about the sounds they have learnt at school. 


In maths we have been learning about number and place value this week.  The children were exploring the numbers 3, 4 and 5.  We made models using this number of cubes, and thought about different ways of doing this.  The children were able to share many ideas about what that particular number means to them.  In Nursery the children were set a challenge to find '3' objects and then show an adult.  They did a super job!


Both Nursery and Reception have continued making craft Christmas, the glitter is well ands truly embedded into all that we are planning to do over the next two weeks!


Acts of Kindness





**Please see the Parent Mail sent out today**



  •  If you have any messages regarding change of arrangements at the end of the school day, please send an email/ call the office this ensure we get the messages.  A note will always come through with our register.  
  • As explained in detail on our school newsletter, the children are encouraged to wear their own clothes on their birthday instead of sharing sweets.    
  •  We are still in need of socks, please do send them in if you have any to spare.  



Talking Bags- These will resume after Christmas.








In Foundation Stage the staff are -

Mrs Dhariwal, Mrs Gleed, Mrs Kibble , Miss Taylor and Mrs Todorov 


If you have any questions/ queries / comments you can contact us on the email addresses below: 



Mr Boardman  will teach the children PE on a Wednesday morning as he will be covering  PPA time in the setting. 


If you would like to donate anything to The Foundation Stage we can always use cotton wool, junk modelling, newspapers, shaving foam, pasta. jelly, rice and envelopes. 


Do take a look at the photographs, it is fun to see what the children have been doing at school this week.   


Our Autumn term topics are :  Autumn Celebrations  , Light and Dark/ Night and Day/ Christmas 


Please see below for some information about Reception


  • Water bottles are not to be put into book bags..
  • Please can you help your child recognise their own book bags, maybe one small key ring to make it more recognisable. 
  • Bringing in a piece of fruit/ veg for snack time is allowed, however we will provide a daily snack. 
  • Please check that all items of clothing are clearly labelled  We seem to have many items  being misplaced and these are not always labelled.  This makes it quite a difficult task to help the children find their missing clothes!  


P.E will usually be on Wednesday mornings.  Please ensure they have their PE kit in school for the whole week as sometimes we have timetable changes.

Thank you for your support. 

We usually go to the library on a Monday, so please make sure your child has their library book in their book bag.



Please see below for some information about Nursery


Monday - Show and Tell / Weekend News 

Wednesday - Library

Friday We run the Daily Mile.  We would appreciate it if children who attend on that day could wear trainer type shoes.


In phonics we are continuing to listen to and recognise the sounds around us, both outside and inside. 

Reminding your child to be a sound detective will really help develop early phonics skills.  What sounds can they hear around them in the environment and what sounds do they recognise in the words they hear? 


In maths we are really focusing on counting in order 1 - 10 and recognising the numeral that corresponds with the number.  We are also working on careful counting when counting out objects in order to improve accuracy.

Important Dates


Saturday 7th December - Christmas Fair 

Monday 9th December - Walk to the post-box

Monday 9th December- Party food list will be put up

Friday 13th December - KS1 Christmas production at 9.15

Monday 16th December- EYFS Christmas Party - ( Children to wear party clothes all day)

Thursday 19th December - Last day of term - 2.15pm finish