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Headteacher's Challenges

20 Things to Try at Home if School is Shut:


Number 1: Pobble 365

Try this link to lots of resources to inspire work in Literacy.  For each picture there are a number of activities you can do.  Maybe you could write a story based on one of the picture?


Number 2: The Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Have a look at the pictures and story starters by following this link.  Maybe you could write your own story using a picture as inspiration.  Could you write your own book containing several stories?


Number 3: Starter of the Day

Try out some of the challenges by following this link to lots of maths challenges.


Number 4: Countdown Letters Game

Play the Countdown letters game here. Randomly select a series of letters and see what the longest word is you can create.  Can you play against a family member – who will win?

Number 5: Countdown Numbers Game

Or try the numbers game.  Randomly select 6 numbers and a target number.  How close can you get to the target by using these numbers and the four operations.



Number 6: Get Arty

Try out some artistic ideas from the link below:



Number 7: National Trust 50 Things…

Remembering to stay at home (so you might have to leave anything to do with the seaside for another day!) how many of the National Trust’s ’50 things to do before you are 11’ can you complete in your house and garden?



Number 8: In the Garden

Become a Woodland Trust nature detective in your garden. There are loads of ideas to try out here.


Number 9: Keep fit and active

Can you create a circuits course in your own home or garden? Come up with a few simple exercise that you can link together.  Maybe you could record your times or scores and keep track of your progress each day.  Try this link to get some ideas:


Number 10: Visit the Newsround Website Every Day

There are quizzes, videos, games and puzzles.  Can you write down and memorise 2 facts, 5 facts, 10 facts every day?


Number 11: Write a Diary

You could write your own diary every day… or write one from the point of view of a character in a book you are reading…or maybe be creative and write on about an imaginary character, or a character from a period in history.


Number 12: Create a Wildlife Documentary

Get out in the garden and create your own wildlife programme.  Create a plan for your episode, film clips, write the voiceover for this.  Try these links for some ideas and inspiration:


Number 13: Make a Model

You might not be able to get out and visit a famous place or a favourite holiday destination, but can you create a model of this.  You’ll have to be creative as you might not be able to get out to buy resources! 


Number 14: Be a Pattern Spotter

Have a look around the house.  What patterns can you find?  Can you be creative how you record these – maybe get the camera out and take some photos. 


Number 15: Write a Story in 500 Words

The BBC 500 Words competition might be over, but you can still take inspiration from the idea of trying to write a complete story in just 500 words.  Visit the BBC 500 Words website link here for some inspiration:


Number 16: Create a Boardgame

Can you invent and make your own boardgame?  You’ll need to write a set of rules, find pieces or counters, make a box… oh and play it with all the family!



Number 17: Follow a Recipe

Find a recipe book and make a meal for all the family.  Get mum or dad to help you.  Maybe you could write your own instructions and send these to someone else to follow.


Number 18: Write a Letter (and send it by email)

There are lots of people who will be spending time on their own at the moment.  Why not write them a letter and send it by email.  I reckon you’ll make them feel a lot happier about the world if you get in touch.


Number 19: Phone a Family Member

Think about someone who is on their own. Give them a phone call and tell them what you have been doing. Share any news you have.  Tell them a joke. Just chat!


Number 20: Paint a Picture

Find a view…from a  window, sat in the garden, or looking at a favourite photograph



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