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Hockey Festival

Hockey Festival!

We arrived at 10:30 and everything was set up. First we played Sandy Lane, Woody started with the ball. He passed the ball to Bailey, who then passed to Keavie. Keavie tried to score but a member from Sandy Lane tackled her. They tried to score but Aaron stopped them. The game continued and we drew 0-0.

We waited a few minutes, then we played against Whitegrove. Woody started with the ball again and passed it to Keavie. Keavie passed to Curtis, who tried to score but was tackled and they passed it up where Jemma stopped it and passed it back down. Woody caught a hold of the ball but was tackled and Whitegrove scored. In the end we lost 1-0 to them.

A few minutes later we were back on up against Birch Hill. Birch Hill started with the ball but Woody stole the ball and made his way to the goal. Someone tackled him but it touched their foot so it was a short corner. Woody passed the ball to Tallulah and she tried to score but she was tackled by Birch Hill. They scored a goal and we started with the ball. When the round ended the score was 2-0 to them.

We had lots of fun, but sadly did not make it into the finals so we had to leave at 1:30pm.


By Keavie and Jemma, Year 6