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Maths Home Learning with White Rose Maths


At New Scotland Hill, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. To help children continue learning with the same techniques we use at school, I will be setting work from the WRM website. Children should start with Week 1 and do one activity each day.


Each activity comes with a video, showing what is being learned, and this is followed up with an activity sheet. An answer sheet is also provided so you can mark the work accurately and quickly.


You can access Week 1 here


If you need any help, please e-mail me at



Can you get a tube of Smarties? 


Sort the Smarties into groups according to their colour.


Now line them up to create a block graph.... like this!


Can you write (and answer questions) about this graph?


For example:

  • Which is the most common colour?
  • Which is the least common colour?
  • How many more red sweets are there than yellow?
  • How many blue AND pink sweets are there?
  • Which colours have the same amounts?