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Before the Easter holidays we began doing some maths using our White Rose maths scheme.  We are a little behind the website, because we began using their resources a bit later.  Below, I have added links to the learning you need to complete this week. You will need to watch the videos for each day and complete the activity. If you haven't already done Week 1's Lessons 1 and 2 (Which were set in our week 2) then please complete these first as the work comes in a sequence and you need to know the previous step before moving onto the next session. 


Note: When you click on the link it will automatically take you to Week 3. You need to select Week 1 or Week 2 so that you are doing the correct  work. 


Monday:  Complete Lesson 3 from Week 1 of the White Rose website. Here we are beginning to learn about tenths on a place value grid. (Remember, if you haven't yet completed lessons 1 and 2 from this page, then do those first.)


Tuesday: Complete Lesson 4 from Week 1 of the White Rose website. This is about tenths on a number line.


Wednesday: Complete Lesson 5 from Week 1 of the White Rose website. You will be learning about dividing 1 digit by 10. 


Thursday: We are now on Week 2's learning.  Complete Lesson 1 from Week 2 of the White Rose website. We are learning about dividing 2 digits by 10.


Friday: Complete Lesson 2 from Week 2 of the White Rose website. Here you will be moving on from tenths to learn all about hundredths! 


We hope you found this week's learning both challenging and rewarding!