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In maths this week we are going to be finishing capacity with some problem solving. Then moving onto starting multiplication and division using groups and sharing. We will be counting in tens, making and adding equal groups and making arrays.

We will be using White Rose Maths for the videos and pencil and paper activities. Then I have set some more practical activities and games plus a MyMaths homework. Some of this overlaps so if you feel your child does not need to do all the pencil and paper activities and prefers the more practical ones feel free to adapt as you think best.

I have also added The Maths Factor website link to the websites at the top of the page as I know some of you have found this really fun and useful.

White Rose Maths Home Learning

Click on the link and go to Year 1, week 2 and find the video and activity for  lesson 1 - compare capacity.


Counting in 10's number square activity.

Adding groups match-up activity.

There are two different levels. Please choose the appropriate one for your child and work out the three matching boxes for each number. Colour them to show they match.

Making equal groups problem solving cards.

Some of the cards are easier than others so just choose two or three you think your child will manage.