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Maths Week 7 – 18/05/20


Day 1:

Refresh your mind about decimals, percentages and fractions by playing this game:


Measuring Time – Marathon Training: Over at Oak Academy they have some lovely videos about maths and some tasks for you to complete. Can you complete this activity about time?


Day 2:  Can you make your own sundial for the garden?


Interesting facts: What do you suppose they used to do before the alarm clock was commonly used?


Day 3:

The Price Of Stamps –Can you complete this activity, about money and the price of stamps?


Day 4:  (This may take one or two sessions)

Before we left school, we did a lot of learning about multiplying 3 digits numbers by 1 digit. Have a go at Lesson 1 and 2 from Summer Week 3 on The White Rose Maths website


Day 5:

Cluedo Carrot Cake


Can you make a cake using the White Rose Maths Friday Challenge from Summer Week 3? The recipe and ingredients are all on the website. Then, there are a selection of activities for you to complete with your cake! Enjoy!