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This week, the way you access some of the White Rose maths work will change and I have added the worksheets below.


Day 1:

Can you solve the problems in the ribbon riddle tasks on Oak Academy?


Day 2:

We are sticking with the theme of measuring today and considering adding weights together to get a decimal number.


Day 3:

Today we consider how to find the perimeter of a rectangle




Day 4:

Having looked at rectangles yesterday, we now think about the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.


Day 5:

Finally, this week, can you work out the area of these shapes by counting the squares?


Extra Activity: I have loved seeing videos of the children who have drawn ‘assault courses’ with chalk on the footpaths outside of their houses or in their gardens. If you have chalk, could you make one? If you don’t, could you plan one in your books?

Can you see if you can include:

A 90° turn?

An equilateral triangle?

A quadrilateral?

A 1metre jump?

A 2metre jump?

A 360° turn?

A pair of parallel lines?