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Week commencing 8.6.20


This week we continue to look at time.  We will be calculating duration of events and comparing them.  I have started the week with a very practical activity and ended the week with an investigation.  



Monday - minutes and seconds


Time how long it takes you to,

1. Do 30 jumping jacks

2. Bounce a ball 10 times

3. Do 3 laps of your garden

4. Write your full name 20 times

5. Say the alphabet forwards and then backwards 

6. Make your bed

7. Brush your hair

8. Take your jumper off and put it back on again

9. Build a Lego tower using 20 bricks

10. Read aloud the first page of your reading book



Which took the longest?

Which was the quickest?


Which did you have to use minutes and seconds to measure?


Can you challenge a member of your family to do the same list?  Who was quickest?



Tuesday  Finding the duration


BBC Bitesize clip

Complete Tuesday sheet


Wednesday Comparing the duration

Complete Wednesday sheet



Thursday Start and end times

Complete Thursday sheet



Friday Two Clocks

Have a go at the NRich time investaigation


I will also add some activities on MyMaths and Sumdog.