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Week commencing 15.6.20


This week we will be looking at angles.  We will be learning about right angles and comparing angles. I have started the week again with a very practical activity and ended the week with an investigation.  



Monday - Right Angles


Watch this video on 'Right Angles'

Now using your right angle have a look around your house and garden for things that have a right angle.  Make a list or draw pictures of all the things you find.


Tuesday - Right Angles


Complete Tuesday sheet on right angles


Wednesday Obtuse and Acute angles


Using your right angle you made on Monday go around your house and garden again and find things that have angles that are more than a right angle and items that have angles that are less than a right angle.  


When  an angle is more than a right angle we called that angle Obtuse


When an angle is less than a right angle we call that angle Acute



Thursday Obtuse and Acute angles 

Complete Thursday sheet



Friday Right Angle Challenge


Have a go at the NRich challenge and/or complete the MyMaths activities.