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In maths this week we will be learning about money. We will be recognising coins and notes, counting coins and comparing amounts using the signs of inequality  (<, >, = ). If you have any real money or play money available at home that would be useful.


We will teach lesson 1-3 in school, lesson 4 is for you to do at home on Friday. The fifth lesson will be taught by Mrs Fenner and will be computer based. This can be found in the computing icon on week 11.


I have also set a sorting coins practical, an investigation challenge and a MyMaths homework. Please choose five activities to suit your child.

You could also set up a 'shop' at home and practise being the shopkeeper and working out how much change to give!


Lesson 1: Recognising coins

Lesson 4: Comparing amounts

Practical: Sorting coins

Challenge: Making amounts investigation