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Maths Week 11

Week commencing 22/06/20

Activity 1 - 4

I have set you 4 tasks to complete on MyMaths this week. For the multiples task, you will need to recall the times table rules and ‘tricks’ that we learnt during our time at school. If you can’t remember them, they are in the link below.


I have set 4 tasks which will begin on 22/06/20 – please let me know if you are unable to login to your account and I will be happy to get you a login.

You can also play maths games on there too.


Activity 5:

Please complete a Soundcheck on Times Table Rockstars over the course of the week.

I have also challenged you all to a match – You have to beat my score of 20!


Extra activity:

This is one of my favourite problems on NRICH, which involves using the numbers 1 to 8 so that all of the number sentences are true. You will need to use your trial and improvement skills to work this out. Think carefully about how you will know when something isn’t going to work in the position that it is in, then you will need to move some numbers around.