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Last week we really enjoyed our work on money and it was exciting to use coins and notes even though we aren't seeing them much in shops at the moment. The children worked hard but showed some really good understanding by the end of the week, especially when adding amounts using mixed coins.

In maths this week we will be starting a two week block on time. We will begin with the language of time, ordering events and days of the week/ months of the year. We will do lots of practical work telling the time to the hour so if you have a clock or watch at home that would be useful to practise with otherwise there is template to make a clock in lesson 3.

We will teach lesson 1-3 from the slide show in school, lesson 4 is for you to do at home on Friday. Lesson 5 will be taught by Mrs Fenner and is computer based so can be found in the computing icon.

There are a mix of activities: worksheet, practical, game, challenge plus x3 MyMaths homeworks. Please choose 5 activities to suit your child.

Lesson 1: Before and After

Lesson 4: Telling the time to the hour