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Maths Week 12

Week commencing 29/06/20

Dazzling Data


This week we are going to be learning about interpreting data (information) in bar charts, pictograms and tables. Then we will move onto learning about line graphs as a way to represent data.


Day 1: Watch the video. See attached.

 Then complete the interpreting charts worksheet.


Day 2: Watch the video.

Then complete the comparison, sum and difference worksheet.


Day 3: Watch the video.

Then complete the introducing line graphs worksheet.


Day 4: Watch the video.

Then complete the line graphs worksheet.


Day 5: Well, you’ve worked so hard at looking at and interpreting data this week that I think you deserve a challenge! I’m enjoying the sunshine at the moment, but I am also too hot! I think my favourite season is spring – not too hot, not too cold.


You’re task today (and perhaps over the weekend) is to collect data from everyone that you see or speak to about their favourite season. You may want to start a tally chart to collect your data (a reminder on tally charts here

Once you have collected all of your data, can you make your own bar graph to show it off?  I’ve attached a bar graph template so that you don’t need to hunt out graph paper (which always makes graphs that much neater)

Once you have completed that, can you ask me some questions about your data, like the ones you have been answering in the maths this week?

Don’t forget there are lots of extra activities being set each week here: