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Week commencing 29.6.20


This week we will be looking at lines and shape. We will end the week with an investigation and I have added some practical activities throughout the week.  


Monday 29.6.20

Drawing lines 

Please watch the video first and then complete the worksheet.


Video link


Tuesday 30.6.20

Recognising and describing shape


Watch video and then complete the sheet.


Video link  Recognise and describe 2D shapes


Wednesday 1.7.2020


Activity - For each shape you looked at yesterday on the sheet find objects in your home that are that shape.  Make a list or draw pictures.  Are they all regular shapes?


Thursday 2.7.2020

Recognising and describing 3D shapes


Watch video and then complete sheet


Video link


Friday 3.7.2020


Shape investigation - see document at the bottom of the page.