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In maths this week we are going to be continuing with our block on time. We will be telling the time to the half hour, writing the time and also comparing time with an estimating and measuring practical. A watch with seconds would be useful this week as well.

We will use lessons 1-4 of the slide show, teaching lessons 1-3 in school. Lesson 4 is for you to do at home on Friday. The fifth lesson will be taught by Mrs Fenner and is computer based. You will find this under the computing icon; we have really found that this has been a helpful part of our maths teaching, reinforcing the work that week so please do have a look.

I have set worksheets, activities, an investigation, practicals, challenge problems and also a couple of MyMaths homeworks. Please choose five activities to suit your child.


Lesson 1 - Telling time to the half hour.

Lesson 4 - Comparing time (practical)

Practical - Stick the time activity.