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Welcome to Nursery

We love to learn by playing and exploring.  We enjoy learning about lots of different topics.  Watch this space for pictures and information about all our adventures.


If you would like to donate anything to nursery we can always use cotton wool, junk modelling, newspapers, shaving foam, pasta, jelly or playdough.


Please see any member of the nursery team if you have any questions or concerns.


Our staff:

Mrs Wilkes, Mrs Gleed and Mrs Cardoz.


On Tuesdays Mrs Hardy covers staff PPA time.

During some lunches Mrs Plant supervises the children that stay.


Regular activities:
Mondays - Weekend news

Tuesdays - Library

Wednesdays - PE

We now run the Daily Mile on a Wednesday too.  We would appreciate it if children that attend on that day could wear trainer type shoes.

Thursdays - Show and Tell (Changing to Mondays from September 2019)



Books of the week - Sur Mon Ile/La Chasse A L'Ours

Rhyme/Song of the week - Tete, Epaules, Genoux Et Pieds/Alouette

Weekly Theme - France

Show and Tell - Leavers Picnic at 11.30am on Thursday 18th July


This Week We Have Been Learning About:

Reminder: School finishes at 2.15pm on Friday 19th July.





Leavers Picnic - Thursday 18th July

We will be holding our Leavers Picnic on Thursday 18th July from 11.30am-12.45pm.

Please bring a picnic lunch to share with your child.

Please let nursery staff know if you are unable to attend.






In phonics we are continuing to listen to and recognise the sounds around us, both outside and inside. 

Reminding your child to be a sound detective will really help develop early phonics skills.  What sounds can they hear around them in the environment and what sounds do they recognise in the words they hear? 


In maths we are really focusing on counting in order 1 - 10 and recognising the numeral that corresponds with the number.  We are also working on careful counting when counting out objects in order to improve accuracy.