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Our topic this term is Explorations and Encounters. In science, we have been learning about electricity. Please complete one of the activities in the document below, per day. The activities should take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.


Look at the Tudor food powerpoint below and do your own research. Imagine you are Henry VIII or Elizabeth 1; you are planning to host a huge royal banquet. Design a menu for your banquet. Think about what food will be served. Record the name of the food and a brief description to capture the interest of your guests e.g. ‘roasted wild boar’  Draw and colour or print out pictures of the food to illustrate your menu. The Tudors enjoyed entertainment while they feasted; find out what the entertainment would be and include a small paragraph at the end of the menu to describe the entertainment your guests will enjoy. Remember this is a menu for a royal banquet, think carefully about your presentation, your handwriting, titles and illustrations. Can you include a date and the name of a palace from Tudor times where your banquet is taking place?

French: Listen to this French number song on Youtube. Can you sing along? Play French dominoes with someone in your family using the resource below.


Make a chart to record the weather. Use the title ‘Quel temps fait ‘il? Use French vocab for the days of the week. Each day draw the different type of weather and label it in French. You can find the vocabulary for both below.

Art: Search for images of portraits painted by Holbein (remember Henry VIII and his ‘longer legs’ and gold curtains!) Draw a picture or make a collage of yourself wearing Tudor clothing. If you are allowed and able to -  print off a photo of your face to use so that it really looks like you are dressed as a Tudor. Pay careful attention to the design and colours of the clothes.

Music:  We started looking at Tudor fanfares in class. Have a look at the one we found on youtube to remind yourself. Use the music resource below to create and record one of your own. You can change the pictures suggested to a more Tudor theme if you wish. Remember it needs to be very simple. Tudor fanfares were often played on just three notes and just four bars long. ‘Here Comes the King’ would be a simple rhythm to clap and work with if you are unsure. If you already play a musical instrument perhaps you can try playing your fanfare on that or maybe make a simple musical instrument at home.

Science: Electricity in our homes

Choose a room in your house and find all the things that use electricity to make them work. Can you find and draw the electricity source(the plug,switch or battery?) Remember: things that run off batteries also use electricity! If you are drawing light switches, add lines to show the wires which must run up to the light to make it work(even if they are hidden)